Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pyrex Grab Bag Pt. 2

Hi All! Alyssa Bee here from The Lemon Tree

I found quite the variety of Pyrex over the past few weeks. I couldn't be more excited about this group of finds!
Beautiful 043 1 1/2 Qt casserole. This buttery yellow color is my absolute favorite, but I couldn't readily find the pattern name. Help!

This "Gourmet" pattern 2 1/2 qt casserole is perfect for displaying in the winter! The blue interior is gorgeous!
Displaying vintage cookbook collection.
And the pièce de résistance:
GASP! The original box!!! 8 cup coffee carafe.
AND it came with the original brochure! PLUS I found it at the Dig&Save, so it probably ended up costing right around $1.00
And this kinda broke my heart a little. At the very bottom of the box was a wedding card! Someone received this as a wedding gift, and it was quite obviously never used! And then somehow ended up at the scummiest thrift store in town! I am so glad I saved it! I will cherish it forever (unlike the former bride and groom)


  1. That blue and gold piece makes me re-think my top three Pyrex picks all of a sudden...!

  2. That blue and gold is gorgeous and unusual! And that carafe is so quaint! It's nice that you found the card and have a bit of its history!

  3. My husband worked for Corning in the 70s when they had lots of problems with the glass carafes breaking, and they stopped making them because of those safety issues. Sometimes the problem was with the glass, and sometimes with the metal band that the handle is attached to. It is not advisable to use the carafes OR the coffee makers for safety reasons - just put them on a shelf as a collectible, please! We don't want anyone here getting hurt! There have been some very serious injuries with the new glass bakeware as we have just seen - and a huge thank you for that Consumer Reports video! I've sent a link to it to all my contacts. Perhaps we should have a safety warning about this permanently displayed somewhere on this site? I'm going to Goodwill later today to see if I can score a piece of vintage Pyrex, even though in several months of looking I haven't seen a single piece!

  4. I recently found the same casserole, the buttery yellow with gold design. Love it. Can't find a pattern so must have been a promotional piece. Love all your Pyrex finds for sure!

  5. @Barbara- Thanks for the advice on the carafes! Kinda scary!

  6. The rose pattern is a promotional - there is no official name that I know of but the PyrexLove group has dubbed it "Golden Rosette" :)


  7. Good to know! Thanks for the link linda :)

  8. Best story ever. I love thinking about the people who got married and who gave them the carafe. What a great haul. I wish I had your luck.
    Awesome, awesome, awesome.