Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snowflake Garland Mixing Bowls

Hello Pyrex Collective, it's SixBalloons here!

Just wanted to share a recent festive find I made - a couple of Snowflake Blue or Snowflake Garland mixing bowls. These will come in handy over the holidays! I would say I prefer this pattern over the aqua snowflakes because it seems more delicate... What do you think?

Unfortunately the days are really short now that it's December and it's hard to get good photos in before the sun sets. Sorry for the shadows! I'm going to work on a DIY light studio project soon, so hopefully the dreary days won't hold me back. =)

Make sure to stop by and say hello sometime at SixBalloons as I have had good luck at the thrift lately and I can't wait to share it with you!


  1. I'm no photographer myself, this whole picture taking thing is a huge learning curve for me, so I certainly don't judge others. Looks good to me!

    Looks like you and I both lucked out with our Snowflake Blue finds! They are really pretty, aren't they?

  2. i love the garland pattern, although i prefer the aqua color of the snowflake pattern - don't you wish you could do a pyrex mash sometimes? this pattern in that color?

  3. Just in time for the holidays indeed! My heart is still with the aqua snowflakes, but I would be so happy to find this pattern too!

  4. These are great! I am hoping to find a more snowflake-y themed piece in time for Christmas but I'm busy and it will be tough to keep up with my thrifting during the next few weeks. Enjoy them!