Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Got Pyrex for Christmas!!

I sure hope every Collective follower received at least one piece of Pyrex for Christmas!  My Christmas was Pyrex Perfect - Spring Blossom Refrigerator Set from my husband - I was so surprised and if that wasn't enough, he also gave me - 2 Butterfly Gold Cinderella Bowls.  And, then, I had the Barbed Wire divided dish and lemonade carafe  from my daughter, Carla - I wanted the Barbed Wire and now I've got a piece!!  I am so lucky!!   Love it all!!
Last night was game night - made a hot crab dip and used my Verde divided dish - one side for dip, one side for chips - first time used - will use again!!


  1. You are so fortunate to have a family that really listens to all your pyrex desires and then comes through at Christmastime! What a nice lot!

  2. That's a good man. I've got to get mind on board. I don't see it happening. He'd think he's enabling me.
    Happy New Year!