Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Introduction and my Most Interesting Find....

Hello~I'm Ellen, a new contributor to The Collective, and I thought I'd introduce myself through a story of a unique find.

My creative or thrify DIY suggestions are posted on my blog "Within My Means." I thrift weekly in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, either to keep for myself, give as gifts, or often to list on my Etsy shop. I keep a keen eye for promotionals, or brightly colored, popular patterns. I was ecstatic when I came across this huge 2.5 L Cinderella Casserole dish because though an avid reader of a few blogs devoted to Pyrex, I'd never seen this pattern.

I rushed home not only to clean the dish to confirm its perfect condition, but to scour the net for reference sources like Pyrex Love and The Pyrex Files to no avail.

The design's motifs suggested a Southwestern theme to me, so I thought it was likely a more recent piece.

And I was So excited with the perfect condition of the piece, inside and out.

When I posted a few shots on the Pyrex Love group on Flickr I got some feedback on the etymology of my new find. But I was new to Flickr, and my preferences weren't set optimally, so I didn't see the comments on my photos until just recently.

The biggest surprise was that this 475-B casserole came with a bamboo or wicker holder! I probably lifted this dish out of its holder off the shelf, not knowing Pyrex ever issued something other than the common metal cradles. While I now have a name, Orange Ginger Oriental, I still don't know what year this was issued, or for sure that it's a Promotional piece.

Can anyone fill in a little more information on this piece?

The most awesome helper of all time? My puppy, Chance, was seeking attention and trying to burrow under my backdrop-blanket as I was trying to take these photos on our couch. Guess who was encroaching on whom?

The pattern in my kitchen is Autumn Harvest. It's 1980's, a bit less vintage than the most popular designs. But its fall color palette fits me. I'm also mad for any Christmas or holiday pattern.

The resources available when I need to do a little research have really opened up to me through this blog and the Flickr groups. I look forward to learning more from each other and sharing my finds! What Pyrex pages do you follow on Facebook, and do you find them useful? Please let me know in a blog comment.


  1. Hi Ellen, that's a great piece, I'm so glad you shared it. Did you notice that yours is the 300th post!? What a milestone for the Collective! I'm off to work on #301!

  2. Welcome Ellen! I love this piece and it is great your found some wonderful information about it. I check Pyrex Love and then ask Vonlipi here in blogland...she is my go to gal!

  3. Ooooh! I LOVE your dish you lucky duck! I follow the "Vintage Pyrex" page on's not contributed to as much as this blog but I have seen people post questions about a certain piece and usually others will respond with answers/links to info. Hope that helps!

    --Erin {}

  4. Hello Ellen! Isn't it beautiful and different? I found a dish exactly like that a few months ago, and posted it here ( I didn't find out any more than you have. It seems to be a very elusive piece. If you find out any more about it, let me know, and I'll do the same.

  5. Definitely a winning pattern! Your helper is adorable.