Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wanna Trade?

Morning everyone! I just joined a group on Flickr called Pyrex For Trade and put up a few goodies.

tallGlassofH2O's Pyrex For Trade photosettallGlassofH2O's Pyrex For Trade photoset

If you have some pieces you would like to trade you can find my contact info on my blog, Tall Glass of Water, or contact me through my Flickr page.

My goal is to complete my Woodland fridge set. Yes, I once said that I thought Woodland was ugly. But it has grown on me :) Do you participate in this flicker group? I think it's such a great idea. Hope I get some bites on my pieces!


  1. Hi there. Luv the 1st cass. dish.
    I too am on flckr @ Amysvintage

  2. this is music to my ears! i totally want to trade pieces!
    i'm joining now.

  3. love love this idea!!! i love trading :)