Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Many Uses...

Hi Pyrex friends!  It's Anna popping over from Victory Garden Yarn!  I asked you all in my last post here at the Pyrex Collective how you like to use your Pyrex other than for baking and staring at in your pretty displays.  I thought I would share my latest use:

Atomic Christmas Setup
Kitschy Christmas craft fair display!  When peddling handmade, kitsch-inspired Christmas ornaments, one is practically required to pull out their holiday hued Pyrex and show it off, right?!

Snowflake Pyrex in the Booth
Since my little 'Atomic Christmas Ornaments' were inspired by the classic colors of a 1950's Christmas, it is only appropriate that classic Christmas Pyrex be a part of the display.

Rainbow Kerchiefs and Ornaments
If you look very closely you can also see my new favorite use for a small fridgie: business card holder, brilliant!

Those of use who have hefty collections of Pyrex must come up with new and ingenious ways of using our Pyrex...that way we can justify having it all when asked, 'But, don't you have enough yet?' 


  1. I love your ornaments and Pyrex. I'd be the annoying customer asking if the Pyrex were on sale. LOL

  2. I'd be scared someone would knock the Pyrex over and it would be in 100 pieces!!! Looks nice though!

  3. I TOTALLY thought someone would comment on the Pyrex...but alas, no one did. :(

    I was also worried someone might knock my pieces over (or try and snag them), but they were safe and secure! Craft fair goers are quite a nice lot. :D

  4. Love! I saw the fridgie-as-business-card-holder at a local restaurant - terrific!

  5. I recently used a fire king plate for a display at a craft fair. There is something so nice reusing vintage glass. Pyrex is definitely a favourite of mine!

  6. I LOVE your ornaments! I also use Pyrex to display my note cards and calendars at craft shows. It makes the table set up cheery and colorful. {erinink.etsy.com}