Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pink and Grey and White, Oh My!

Hello there my good Pyrex people! It's Anna popping over from Victory Garden Yarn to share my latest pieces of Pyrex happiness!

One benefit of using a few found objects for my crafting business is that I am forced to go on quite extensive thrifting excursions on a somewhat regular basis. Bummer, eh? I'm always hunting for gently used vintage embroidery hoops...but you know, the housewares section is usually located two steps away from the craft section in most of the thrifts...

Gooseberry and Grey!

So they make it really easy for me to get a little business AND pleasure taken care of!  I have dreams of owning an entire set of dove grey Pyrex dinnerware, so two salad plates and two teacups (even with a bit of a gold stripe still intact!) are a good start.  Pink Gooseberry is always welcome on my (slightly bowing with too much weight) shelves.  My Pink Gooseberry count has risen from one to three, yippee!

The opal loaf pan may look like your ordinary loaf pan...but when I consulted my handy dandy Pyrex spreadsheet that I carry around with me at all times (more on that some other day...) I realized that this one is actually a half inch larger on all sides than the one I already own.  Score!  I actually use my loaf pans a lot; not just for baking, but around the house and on shelves to corral my wayward mail, pens, business cards, fabric, you name it.  The same with the few small fridgies I have found; quarters for laundry, business cards (ooh, that gives me a good idea for my upcoming craft booths, yes!), little bits of yarn I might need for package tying...fridgies are perfect!

And that teeny tiny little carafe looks quite familiar!  I think I'll be putting some colored pencils in it to go with my other small glass carafe!

Which leads me to ask all you lovely people the question: What do you use your Pyrex for, other than baking and drooling over on your beautiful display shelves?


  1. What wonderful finds Anna! I especially love the dove gray cups and plates. I don't believe I've ever seen those before. And, you're right, you can never go wrong with pink Gooseberry. I'd love to hear more about your Pyrex spreadsheet, and perhaps get some ideas on how I can document and keep up with all my Pyrex.

  2. That color combo is a visual upper.

    In the kitchen I favor a few pieces: 1) the loaf pan; 2) green mixing bowls; 3) opal white round casserole...but mostly Pyrex is for catching my drool.

  3. What lovely finds! I'm especially enamored with the clover pattern syrup pitcher. So cute!!!

    I use my Spring Blossom glass pitcher to hold my vintage knitting needles. It looks so cheerful and so pretty :)


  4. Great finds! They are all so photogenic!

    I'm currently using my Autumn Harvest casserole to hold my vintage cookbook collection. And I used my Early American fridgie to store pumpkin seeds after carving Jack-o-lanterns!

  5. They're gorgeous! I only have 2 pieces of pink, hoping to find more!

  6. All that pretty pink ~ I so want to find some! Congrats on everything!