Monday, November 22, 2010

Woodland Pattern Strikes Again

Hello and Howdy from Texas where it is a beautiful 78 degrees! Perfect for digging around outside for Pyrex. I responded to an ad on Craigslist from a man who was dying to get rid of his grandmothers Pyrex. The posting literally read.... Please just take this stuff off my hands today!

Gladly, Sir!

There were no photos but he said that the Pyrex was in a box under the carport for me to dig through and just to leave the money in an envelope.

I went over during my lunch break and crouched down in the grass and started digging. And wouldnt you know it. I once said that I didn't like Woodland pattern, and there's all these Woodland pieces! Really, though I think the pattern has officially grown on me :)

I got all of this for $30. Can you believe the lids were there too!?
Oh, happy day!

XOXO - Amanda   


  1. I got some of my best Pyrex from a friend who told me her husband was going to THROW IT AWAY if she didn't get rid of it! I LOVE people who hate old Pyrex!!!!!!

  2. Throw it away! Oh goodness. Hopefully you got it for yourself :)

  3. Lol, "just leave the money in an envelope." Like making a drug deal. Did you look both ways to make sure none of us other Pyrex addicts was after the stash? Seriously, you did well. I like the chocolate brown Woodland stuff, but not the tan.