Friday, November 5, 2010

My Pyrex Shelf Runneth Over

I hauled three huge, heavy boxes of books to Goodwill yesterday, because I had cleaned off the shelves on either side of the fireplace.  What would possess me to burst into such a fit of cleaning and organizing, you ask?  To make room for more Pyrex, of course!

This was the situation before (ugh):

And these are the after photos:  

It's hard to take a decent picture in this room.  The camera flash lights up all the bricks, and it really doesn't look like that in real life.  The non-flash pics are blurry but closer to the way the room really looks.  

Eh, whatever, just concentrate on the Pyrex.

I know there's a little Fire King Gay Fad dish in there, but it's hiding there (in plain sight) until Christmas.

And here are some thrifting finds from last Sunday:  

This little dish looked like an early piece, but I don't really know anything about it.  Unfortunately, the glass is pretty etched.  Is there any way to fix that?

At any rate, I liked it because it was different from other Pyrex I've seen, with its small tab handles.  For 99 cents, I couldn't just leave it stranded.

My husband is developing a keen Pyrex-spotting eye.  These were all his finds just as I was starting to give up hope of finding anything.  Turns out I was in the wrong aisle!


  1. Love your display! I think Pyrex looks great in color groups like you have.

  2. your collection is wonderful! so many different pieces. looks great :)

  3. I was just looking at gravy boats in Etsy. I dont own any and wondered if anyone found any thrifting. HERE is my answer. hehe I LOVEEEEEEE!!

    Love the decor!!

  4. I love how you decorate with PYREX!

  5. I <3 your bookcase!!! that is beautiful as is your Pyrex.

  6. Your shelf if so perfect for your amazing collection. I'm so jealous.
    P.S. If I ever write a book, I'm going to call it Fire King Gay Fad.

  7. let's talk about that collection: marvelous!

  8. What a wonderful collection!! And, my family thinks I'm Pyrex nuts!! LOL.....They give me such a hard time (all in jest) everytime I bring in new pieces!! I'm to the point now with my collection that I'm going to have to start doing some serious rearranging!

  9. Hello again! I'm so glad that you stopped by my place to ask about the pitcher. I typed the wrong name, I meant Bartlett Collins. Hey, they both start with "B". They did some of the gay fad pieces, and their known for their glassware with gold detailing. Vonlipi gave away a pair of glasses this summer, that I think matched you pitcher. I have a creamer in the shop that is a good example of their color lined pieces with the Vintage Mist pattern. Your pitcher is adorable!

  10. So do you do all the dusting in your house? DH was grumbling a little about dusting and washing Pyrex when he deep cleaned the kitchen last weekend.

  11. Mom Walds Place: Thanks so much for the info on the pitcher! I'm going to go look at your creamer in the shop.

    Sunshine Alt Mama: I do the dusting most of the time. DH actually likes to dust when he can use those magic wands or whatever they're called. He lets me handle all the Pyrex cleaning though, which is just as well.