Tuesday, November 2, 2010

your first piece...and a few other things.

in my first post here, i mentioned that i would be writing a pyrex-heavy post on my blog. it's up now:

14 reasons i love pyrex.

and i am a bit concerned about this sounding spammy and "come visit MY blog" and such.

so i will leave you with a joke, a question, and some pretty pyrex.

first the joke:

Q: how many pyrex collectors does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: just go ahead and change the bulb already. they're all out thrifting.

a question: do you remember your first piece? what was it? mine was the butterprint butter dish.

and now the pretty pyrex...

thanks gang :)


  1. I think my first piece was a big, sad, silvery streaked yellow primary bowl that BOYFRIEND brought home after one of his solo thrifting escapades. I guess we had both mentioned how much we liked vintage Pyrex, so he took the initiative and bought the first piece!

    The best part is that only a couple of months ago did I even think to take the Bon Ami to it...and now the silver streaks are gone! :)

  2. ooh, yes, someone needs to write a post about all the different cleaning methods! i only have had to need to use baking soda, but i've read other tips here through different posts.

    (and sorry if this is a double post. i'm not used to blogger and i think i might have re-published when i went to edit something, woops.)

  3. You don't sound spammy at all. I think we all hope that people will visit our blogs from this site. I just visited yours and I am subscribing :) My first piece was a divided Americana with lid. $5 at an estate sale. And its been love ever since.

  4. Ana,I love visiting your blog. My first piece was a red fridgy without the lid.

  5. I think my first piece was a set of blue Snowflake casseroles I bought at a flea market with the sole intention of using them--which I did for about 10-15 years before even thinking of collecting any more. Great question!

  6. Fun post, Ana! It'll be neat to read about everyone's "firsts."

    My first piece was a Spring Blossom butter dish. A gift from my mom and sister when I moved into my current apartment! So really I should be blaming them for my addiction...

  7. Goodness, inviting me to read a post about Pyrex couldn't possibly be spam, could it?

    My Mom had a dull Spring Blossom BSS around the house when I was growing up; it was all that was left of a set that she received as a wedding present in 1975. Perhaps that's why I love Spring Blossom. But I wasn't aware of the wonderful world of Pyrex until I spotted a small pink gooseberry bss at an estate sale for $1. That led me to the pyrexlove website, and I was hooked.

  8. thank you all for being so inviting, and for sharing your first pieces with me. it's so interesting to read where it all started!