Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some I had to let go...

I'm a total Pyrex hoarder and the quantity is beginning to catch up with me!!!

So over the last year I decided to part with some of my treasures....

Yep I got rid of the Gooseberry! I know, I know it's a Pyrex sin! You know what? I regret it now...and bought some fridgies!
The Bride's casserole (1961). I just wasn't feeling that one...

I happy to say that I listed those cuties in my Etsy shop yesterday and they got snatched a couple of hours later!

The very famous Charleroi casserole...I wasn't feeling it either.

The Moon Deco casserole. I totally got ripped off on this one. It had suffered a couple of  dishwasher rides...and I had to oil it up for the pic.
I was able to unload it on eBay while being totally truthful, like I'm always.

So this is what happens if I shop compulsively for Pyrex! Crazy Vonlipi!


  1. Howdy
    Oh my gosh :0 that had to be so hard to do !
    I only have one gooseberry ,actually other than the internet it is very hard to find pyrex where I live.
    Thus my joy when I stumbled across this mind blowing blog recently :)
    Thank you for sharing all
    the fabulous pyrex images .
    I never realized how many patterns there are.
    I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  2. Oh how I love pyrex. I'm down to only a few pieces that I actually use, no place for all of it. You really know your stuff!! I could get hooked if I had more room:)

  3. Oooh if I had seen those cereal (soup?) bowls before they were gone, I would have grabbed them! They are so sweet! My collection is so small compared to so many of you but I already feel like I am going to have to start sorting and thinning out to make room and for my preferred pieces. Either that or we need to build an addition onto the house......

  4. I don't think I could give up the Gooseberry bowls - they look so pretty!!!

  5. If I had a set of Gooseberry bowls I could not sell them. Sigh...some of the other pieces I would agree with you. Still hard to sell, but this leaves room for 'new' pieces right??

  6. Nice shop---will be a good place to watch in future...

  7. How could you let go of the gooseberry set!?! Hope you got a great price for it!