Monday, November 29, 2010

I baked in Pyrex!

I did it. I did it. I cooked in Pyrex. It felt AMAZING!

Thanksgiving meal was all about the Pyrex at the buffet table.
Seeing how my dishwasher broke 3 months ago and I have been washing (everything) by hand. I said, I'm going for it. I did. It felt liberating. Why did I wait so long to use my Pyrex? Anyone else get bold over the Holiday?

Ps. They washed up nice and clean. No problems. Just soaked them in hot soapy water.
Do I dare say I had fun washing dishes? Yes. Yes I did.


  1. yummy! i suddenly have a craving for brownies :)

  2. Fun! We too wash everything by hand, because our 1954 house never had a dishwasher installed, and there really isnt room for it now. On one hand it is nice because you dont have to say no to a beautiful vintage dish because it is not "dishwasher safe". Enjoy all of that beautiful Pyrex! I have yet to obtain any. :(


  3. You go girl! I'm very proud of you :)

  4. I know the liberated feeling- i cooked in my Pyrex for the holiday too! I was also quite amazed that everything washed up so well by hand! Your food looks delicious too!

  5. I use my Pyrex on a regular basis, and I certainly used it for our Thanksgiving spread. We hand wash our Pyrex and so now my hubby teases me that when we didn't have a dishwasher I hated washing by hand and now we have one most of what we wash has to be by hand because it is my precious Pyrex! Even our plates are Pyrex so hand washing is a daily occurrence. I think it is worth it though to be able to enjoy my Pyrex...I am slowly phasing out my new dishes for vintage ones that have stood the test of wonderful!

  6. I actually did cook in one of my Pyrex dishes on Thanksgiving, but I forgot to take pictures!

  7. welcome to the pyrex baking club!!
    and i will agree that pyrex is the ONLY dish worth washing by hand.