Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buttery Yellow Goodness

I have a real passion for collecting promo pieces.  Lately, I've really been digging the buttery yellow and black color scheme on the pieces above.  However, I don't find promo pieces around here usually.  I find a lot of the solid color pieces, and several of the more common patterns, but it is very rare that I find promo pieces where I shop (flea markets and mostly estate auctions).  Therefore, all of the above came from online sites.

The top piece is a 1.5 quart Mod Kitchen casserole.  I bought this on the Goodwill auction site.  I hadn't bought anything from there before, so I decided to try it out.  It was a great experience, it was very well packaged and showed up at my door quickly.  Pyrex Love identifies this piece to be from Spring 1958.

Next up (or down, actually) is a 1.5 quart Pressed Flowers casserole.  It is the exact same color of yellow as the Mod Kitchen.  This one came with it's lid.  Purchased on the big auction site.

Lastly, for the pieces in the photo above, is a 575-B 2 quart baking dish, which came with the carrier, but no lid.  Pyrex Love identifies this pattern as Embroidery, and once again, the buttery yellow with black design really catches the eye.  Also from the big auction site.  All three of the pieces are the same color of yellow, and even though the designs are different, I think they work well with each other.

Finally, I found this 1.5 quart casserole in the Kim Chee promotional pattern from 1972.  It is a little more golden than the yellow pieces above, so I didn't include it in the photo with them.  This is the first promo pattern that I have found locally.  I'm sure that I was quite humorous to watch when I found this in the flea market.  I saw it sitting on the shelf, walked (very quickly) over to look at the price tag ($4.95) and snatched it up with lightning speed.  I think the best part about the piece is the pattern on the lid.  It is much more ornate than the pattern on the dish itself.

Happy hunting!

(Edit: I just noticed that this is post number 200!  Congratulations to all who make The Pyrex Collective such a success!)


  1. Great post! I loved hearing a little bit about each of these pieces, 3 out of 4 that I hadn't seen before. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Great post!! I haven't seen these pieces before - I really like them!

  3. These pieces are so gorgeous!!! The black on yellow is so striking. Love them!

  4. Those are absolutely gorgeous!! I especially like the Mod Kitchen, and the rest aren't too shabby either :)!!! Nice finds! I've thought about doing the Goodwill auction site, but was unsure. It's good to know you've had success with it.

  5. i see why you love these - they are beautiful! glad to hear about the goodwill auction site as well - will have to try it out!