Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It Never Hurts to Ask

Hello my fellow Pyrex lovers :) If you have an iPhone surely you have this amazing Craigslist app, CraigsPro! I have "Pyrex" as a favorite search of course. Just look at these lovelies for sale here in Houston.

I responded to an ad that had no pictures but had "turquoise" mentioned in the description. I quickly got a response to come on over and check em out. The lady was super nice and quirky, but her house was a total hoarders episode. Fine with me. Just point me to the Pyrex.

#403 for $2
1/2 Qt. Casserole w/lid $2

Even though this little snowflake has some flaking on her rim, I couldn't resist. She has her lid! I saw a few other pieces in her cabinet and asked if she wanted to sell any others. She said that she was keeping the others cause they were 'lucky' :) Just on a whim I asked if she had any lids. And....

Lids! $1 each

She did! Two fridgy lids. Exactly what i needed for my two little fridgy friends. Lesson of the day? It never hurts to ask!

XOXO - Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water


  1. Oooh! Going to check that app right now!

  2. WOw i check my local craigslist regularly for Pyrex and have never come across such gems! Way to go!!