Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Red?

In regards to Valerie's last post. Yes, bake with Pyrex. Use it and love it. Go girl - work it, etc. My question is this: Are the red dishes in the advertisement the same ones I featured on my Big Red post from a couple of months ago? Are they chip bowls, or are they bakeware?
Big Red Mistress wants to know. Darn. Now I've got the Big Red song in my head. "That Big Red taste goes on and on, while you chew it."


  1. i can't even tell you the last time i saw that commercial, but the words came right back to me!

    "say goodbye a little longer..."

  2. "so kiss a little longer..."

    how did you do that? i hadn't thought of that commercial in years! jingles really have a way of sticking with you. i wonder if they are all in there somewhere, and will resurface when i'm 80-something, rocking back and forth in my chair, hugging my pyrex bowl to my chest...

    that's my way of saying i don't know the answer to your question.

  3. It's a Hostess set. Big red bowl and 4 little bowls. You could use it for salad, baking whatever. Casseroles, yes Erin casseroles!

    A multi tasking set for the homemaker

  4. So is my dish that looks like this with a lid the same Hostess set???

  5. Love all the comments. Cheers. I created a Big Red post on Yard Sale Snoop. It's amazing how few people of colour are actually featured on Big Red commercials. I'm sure this wouldn't happen with Juicy Fruit.

    Have a peep.

  6. Yep Linda your bowl is part of the Hostess set!

    The lids are pretty hard to come by, I guess they broke easy.

  7. i just stole a smaller red bowl like that one with a lid from my mom's shelf the other evening while she was away in amish country thrifting! she will kill me when she notices! but i was in her house looking for my pyrex that she had already gotten me and i couldn't find half of it - i couldn't go home empty handed!

  8. The 2 sizes of Hostess confused us as well. Some info available on PyrexLove: