Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pretty Pyrex Purchases

I love my new Forest Fancies mixing bowl - it's perfect for baking!!  I like it even more knowing that I only paid $1 for it - a lady had it in her hand and put it down - I hurried to the shelf and scooped it up.  Now I have two bowls from this set - I think this pattern might be overlooked by some - it shouldn't be!
This made in England casserole is not my favorite pattern but had to buy it - it only cost $1 as well.  There was no lid but it could turn out to be very useful!
I saw this set of Woodland bowls a couple of weeks ago - didn't purchase but thought about them in the days in between, I never timagined they would still be at this little shop - they were and I bought them - $10 for the three bowls - they're beautiful!
Another great find in the Golden Acorn pattern - a nice size casserole - really a pretty dish!


  1. I LOVE that golden acorn space saver! Great find!

  2. I found the Golden Acorn divided dish today at the flea market ($3.00), but alas no lid with it. I love, love your space saver Golden Acorn!!

  3. Wow I have never seen the Golden Acorn pattern, love it!! I recently found a Forest Fancies casserole and I agree it is really a sweet pattern. Your $1 for it makes it even better.

  4. Your Woodland bowls patiently waited for you to come back for them. How cool! I found a Golden Acorn just like that one last month. It's such a pretty pattern.

  5. Fantastic finds! It's good to know I'm not the only one finding a lot of the neutral/brown patterns right now. I wonder if some people have them packed away with their Thanksgiving dishes and are decluttering as they bring them out.