Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pyrex Grab Bag

I came across quite the variety of Pyrex at the thrift stores these past few weeks! Here's the loot:
Pyrex for Weico carafe. 35 cents. I thought it looked like some kind of scientific beaker at first, but my Pyrex Collectors Guide told me otherwise.

Pyrex "Federal Eagle" mug. My first Pyrex mug! The Eagle is really growing on me.
Just in time for the holidays! A Snowflakes divided casserole!! I was out thrifting with my mom and very loudly gasped when I spotted this. My mom immediately thought something was wrong. No mom, things are quite alright!! 
And last but not least, a find that I'd love to get more information about. I absolutely have to give credit to my boyfriend for finding this one. We were at a sale, and I hadn't gotten to the kitchen section yet. Well when Kenny spotted this he instantly came bounding over to me with that "look what I found" grin! It's nice to have another trained eye around! Anyway, this is marked 1 1/2 Qt 023 (and I don't know if this matters, but the Pyrex stamp is backwards).  I cannot seem to find any cradle that looks remotely like this in my Collectors Guide, on Pyrex Love, or Flikr.... Any more info about this would be much appreciated!!  


  1. I think the 'backwards' Pyrex is so you can see it through the dish on the other side. Love that mug!

  2. I have a 1956 Pyrex ad that shows your last casserole with the nifty cradle:


    Unfortunately the scan quality isn't the best so I am not able to read the text - but this is the first time I heard of finding it "in the wild." Congrats, what a great score!

  3. ohmygosh- Thanks for the link, linda! What an awesome ad! I loved the cradle before, but I realllllly love it now knowing its from 1956!

  4. Wow, wow, and wow!! What great finds!! Especially the one with the cradle!! You need to give ole Kenny a big hug, LOL!! I'd be happy to find any piece of Pyrex with a cradle, but so far, no luck on that.

  5. What a neat cradle! I recently found the divided oval Snowflake casserole as well ~ isn't it pretty?