Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Pyrex Goddess Was Smiling on Me Today ...

... Unfortunately, she chose to bless me with some patterns that aren't my absolute favorites, but since this was thrifting I (mostly) chose not to ignore her bounty.

The Royal Wheat promotional casserole was found at our closest Goodwill, and it wasn't there yesterday.  I was really happy to find it and am already imagining it on the Thanksgiving table.  But other than that, no Pyrex.

So we piled into the car and tried a neighboring Goodwill where clearly someone had recently cleaned out a kitchen.  We found the 401, 402, and 403 mixing bowls in Forest Fancies and a 404 in Old Orchard (it took some sleuthing to figure that one out).

I was happy to find this 441 in Butterfly Gold I.  I actually have a lot of Butterfly Gold and the white pieces are my favorites.

I first started collecting fridgies for food storage, but I find that I am more likely to reach for a round bake/serve/store or Cinderella casserole.  I found this Woodland 474 (I had a lid at home) and this tannish orange 472 (also my lid).  (Anyone know what it is?  It isn't as gold as the Daisy casseroles.)

This Homestead 401 snuck home with us as well, although we left a 402 in the same pattern at the store.  I've decided that I'll pick up 401s in any color/pattern; it's an easy/cheap/small way to collect a lot of different patterns.  I'd love to do the same with 471s but those are hard to find.

I've started being able to resist buying Pyrex that I don't adore, at least on days that I am broke strong.  But when something like that Old Orchard 404 is $3 I'm hesitant to leave it.  I'm starting to think that we need to have a Southern California Pyrex Collective Meetup and Swap!


  1. Oooh, regional swaps...I think you're on to something!

  2. Let's do one in Utah as well! Love that Royal Wheat.

    I think that the tannish casserole might be Old Orchard as well.

  3. the 2 tone brown is an old orchard. hubs picked up 4 of those last wkend.

  4. You really did find some wonderful Pyrex. Oh a swap would be fun. I'm too far away for yours but one here in Georgia? Anyone??