Thursday, November 11, 2010

hello and help!

Hello all! My name is Amy, and I am new to the collective. Have been following for a month or so now but this is my first posting. My case of "Pyrexia" is pretty new, but is growing everyday. I buy most of what I find, keep what I love, and re-sell the rest.

I went to an estate sale this morning and left with 5 casserole dishes, a butter dish, and a really cool percolator (along with 3 FK pieces and 2 Corning pieces)! Then I went to a thrift store and found another casserole and 2 coffee mugs. I'm familiar with all the patterns I got except for the one shown in the photos below. I've found others online that say they are Town & Country, but I checked Pyrex Love and I'm not convinced of that.

Can someone please help me identify these? I know there are some super knowledgable folks here!



  1. Hi Amy! Nice to have you join the Collective! You were right - your casseroles are a variation of the Town and Country pattern from 1963. I have an ad in my Flickr which shows them sitting on the back shelves:

    Great find!

  2. thanks, linda! so, it's a variation. that's what was tripping me up because i saw the others like in the foreground of that ad. cool ad, btw! thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are so pretty! I love the lime and orange colors ~ so citrusy!

  4. Love them! You really scored on the Pyrex!