Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Carla, and I think I have Pyrexia...

My (currently) small collection of Pyrex.

My 403 in the Horizon Blue pattern.

My 403 in the Friendship pattern.

Hi, everyone! This is my debut post on the Pyrex Collective, and I was first told about this site by my mom, Jill, the lucky buyer of the cheaply priced blue Delphite cream and sugar set from a couple days ago. Her Value Village is the treasure trove of Pyrex! I, on the hand, have had little luck at my own local VV. But, last month, when I first decided to jump into junkin', I found the Horizon Blue and Friendship 403 bowls pictured above at nearby antique malls. They weren't super-cheap, but they weren't crazy expensive, either, ringing in at $6 and $10, respectively. The Butterfly Gold bowl is a hand-me-down from my great-grandmother, and, fortunately, the 401 and 402 also came with it.

I, however, am into the larger-size bowls, and a collection of two-and-a-half-quarts is going to look great displayed on the tops of my kitchen cupboards, so it's onward and upward from here into the class called Pyrex Scavenging 101...or, er, 403?


  1. Welcome Carla! I love your pieces. Putting Pyrex on top of kitchen cupboards sounds like a great idea. I'm in earthquake country, but maybe if I use museum putty I could make it work. That would give me so much more room to display Pyrex (which means I could buy more!).

  2. hi carla! looks like a great start to your collection. i really like the friendship pattern, but have yet to find one!

  3. Welcome and so glad you joined us to share your wonderful Pyrex collection. Love the bowls and yes your Mom's VV is the best...I never find all that like she does. Love that Horizon Blue Pattern!

  4. Hi, ladies! Thanks for the welcome! I am looking forward to both finding more Pyrex and posting about more Pyrex!

  5. I'm glad you posted early on in your Pyrexia, while there's still hope for a turnaround in what is likely to otherwise become a chronic condition! :) Just kiddin', of course. Welcome! You're off to a great start with three fab bowls!