Monday, November 15, 2010

In and Out

 I've said it before that I have to cull some pieces to make room for others. As much as I want to own every piece I see I have to set limitations. My husband is a pretty patient guy but he's asked me to be watchful on how much Pyrex is coming in. I mean after all he did get me this.

So the patterns I am keeping are the unique promo pieces:

and the ones I'm saying adios to are these guys:

 I put them in my etsy shop if anyone wants to give them a forever home.

Does anyone else go through their Pyrex and let some go? How do you decide who stays and who goes?


  1. Im right there with you.
    I buy everything (if the price speaks to me) and then list it on my etsy shop.

    I <3 the DBD ones and use them daily. But I also <3 my primary colors and anything my 7y/o finds for me.

    Browns are OUT for me, but lucky I have friends that collect those.

  2. Oh yes, I let go some Pyrex regularly! Which is too bad. I would like a HUGE house with a specail Pyrex room right by the kitchen! :)

  3. I've only been collecting less then one year but yes I have found I must let some of it go. I have a few pieces listed in my Etsy and think I will have to list more. :( but then maybe someone else can love them.