Monday, November 22, 2010

Treasure Trove

I live in West Seattle and there is a great Antique Mall here. It's three floors of STUFF. Clothes, bakeware, furniture. Anything and everything and most importantly Pyrex.

 I was there on the hunt for my elusive 401 Aqua bowl and sadly found THREE 401 in primary blue. The prices aren't too bad. Most of the big bowls are around $18.

They do have TONS of Pink Pyrex. It isn't a favorite of mine but if it was I'd be in heaven. I saw cake pans, mixing bowls lots of pink.

So if you're ever in Seattle stop in and don't forget to visit the PYREX MUSEM in Bremerton (which I fully plan on visiting soon and doing a post about!)


  1. sounds like disneyland for pyrex collectors!

  2. Get outta town! A Pyrex museum?! Is Seattle nice this time of year? Haha.

  3. Can't wait to see your post of the museum--I am putting it on my "bucket list" too!

  4. Yeah, the Pyrex Museum is on my list of places, too. There's a great picture here.

  5. Oh man. All that Pyrex is killing me! Also, strangely enough, in the middle row of pics, on the left is a chair I've been dying to find. I've got one and have been looking for a match for three years. So crazy!