Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello Pyrex pals!
Just a quick post to share some of my thrifty Pyrex finds from last weekend.
I have been trying to cut back lately
{Too many shocked and concerned looks when I open my cupboards}
so I passed up a Verde 444 even though I needed it,
and a Forest Fancies 474 even though it was only 75¢,
and opted instead for these two.
A little pricier, yes, but oh so pretty.
Friendship 473, with lid, $5.00.
I just love the colors.

Spring Blossom 404, $4.00.
Now my set is complete!
And it has already proven itself useful, 
the perfect size for mixing artichoke dip.

I hope that you all had thrift luck last weekend as well!

Happy Monday!



  1. Great haul. Again, I'm happy for you and insanely jealous all at once. I bought an over-priced Woodland casserole dish without the lid today - LOL. Ok, Breathe...
    I love the lighting for the pictures. It brings out what we love so much about Pyrex.

  2. Sarah I am in love with both pieces you found and at such good prices. I think everyone knows how popular Pyrex is and the prices are high!! I can't believe you passed up a Verde!! Sigh...that is another of my favorite patterns.

  3. There are so many mixed feelings involved with leaving Pyrex behind...a tinge of regret coupled with patting yourself on the back for being able to show a little restraint!

    Either way, the pieces you found are gorgeous! Can never go wrong with either of those patterns!

  4. Ahhh, selective collecting pays off. Good Job!

  5. I love the Friendship pattern, one of my favorites! And, I know how hard it is to show restraint. Good for you!! You did good!

  6. friendship with a lid! (i like the colours, too) fun find :)

  7. I have that Friendship casserole; isn't it sweet! I love your SBG mixing bowl too. I would easily collect that.