Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Day! Pyrex Located!

I checked out a new to me shop the other day - the shop has been there for 15 years but I never saw it before - when you are on the hunt for Pyrex - you just never know what you will find once you start looking!  It was a cozy shop with a nice assortment of collectibles and vintage items - including, Pyrex!

I spotted the Forest Fancies Cinderella bowl right away - I love the Cinderella bowl for baking - now I have three.   On my way to the cash, I saw this beautiful flamingo colored pie plate - that put me in the mood for baking - so I made Dutch Apple Pie.

I was even happier to carry home this refrigerator dish - a 503 - I believe from the original oven refrigerator set?? 

All in all - a successful day for Pyrex, I think....


  1. Great finds! I just got the same pie plate! :)

  2. Yippee great finds! Love the pink pie plate!

  3. Oh, great looking pie---gotta love homemade in a Pyrex anything!

  4. Lovely fridgie, I'm yet to find one! And great to see a pie dish in action!

  5. Nice finds! I've got the flamingo pink pie plate but I've never used it to bake in. Love the yellow fridgie!