Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Dining Room Cupboard, Not Too Long Ago!


Hi everyone, my name's Debbie and I just found this fabulous blog
because of a blog party I'm participating in, being hosted by Linda
over at her blog 'A LA CARTE'! I just happened to notice 'The Pyrex
Collective' on her side bar. Of course I had to know more, (being a bit
of a snoop)! So here I am! Hasn't blogging made this big world a bit

I looove the bright colors my beloved Pyrex has added to my 50's kitchen
collection through the years! I have one complete refrigerator set, with a few
extra pieces of red. I love mixing and matching all the casserole dishes along
with the bowls together on a table! It just screams LETS PARTY!

I'm pretty picky about making sure when I buy a piece of Pyrex, that it has a
clear bright color and hasn't been faded by a dishwasher.

Years ago I had a 50's booth in an antique Mall. I'd pick up various single
bowls and hunt for all the rest of the colors to make a complete set to sell.
You can see I have one complete set of bowls and have found another large
red bowl and medium-large yellow bowl. You can tell I just can't quite help
myself,  when it comes to this Pyrex addiction of mine!

I've put all my Pyrex away for now, and only use it along with my 40's & 50's
tablecloths for picnics in the summer or an occasional birthday party!


  1. I love your collection! The primary colors are so bright and beautiful. So glad you found this blog! Welcome!


  2. I love the way you've displayed your collection. It looks so fun!

  3. I love all your vintage kitchen items (including the Pyrex)and the way you have them displayed. It makes me smile! Yours and so many others on blogs inspired me to redo my kitchen with vintage items (mostly with a red theme).