Thursday, October 21, 2010

1958 pyrex find

welcome, dear pyrex lover. we all know why you're here, so i'll just jump into the good stuff and save my introduction for the bottom of the post...

here you go:

pyrex spring promotion 1958 decorator with lid

ahhh :-)

why yes, that's a lid! i think the only thing missing is the cradle. purchased at the obscenely low price of $2.99.

all i know about it is that it's a 1958 spring promotion - vaguely named "decorator"...

pyrex decorator spring promotion 1958

such great, bold images on a buttery soft yellow background.

spring 1958 pyrex promotional decorator

anyone know more about this?

wait! don't go! my introduction...
my name is ana, and i have a blog over at i made it so. don't worry, i don't inundate you with glitter and glue crafts. i try to fill my little space online with things i make, bake (served on pyrex), vintage thrifty finds (mostly pyrex), and lots of photos (of pyrex. and other stuff i s'pose).

if you can pop by, that'd be cool... stick around, i'll be sharing a post over there in a few days which will be very much pyrex heavy. not teasing, just warning sharing.

thanks erin, for the chance to share here, and to everyone else who loves pyrex as much as i do. you know. you all make me feel more... normal ;-)

i made it so


  1. Love this piece! Amazing graphics. I will be over to visit you for sure! Welcome to the club!

  2. I love that piece, it's just like BUTTAH!

    I could definitely fall in love with this, the graphics are so crisp and vintagy! DELICIOUS!!!

  3. So jealous of the deal you got on this, and the fact that it has it's lid! I just picked up this piece...but I paid a lot more for it without the lid. Great find!

  4. I was literally "oohing" while you were aahing! I adore the '50s graphics on this piece. Never saw anything like it until now. It's awesome!

  5. That is so cool. I love the pineapple and mushroom on funky. Great find and fun post. Can't wait to see more. And crafty stuff PLUS pyrex on your regular blog? Awesome.

  6. The graphics are cool. The mushroom is my fav.

  7. What a pretty piece. To me those graphics say "barbecue".

  8. I would kill to find this piece!! The graphics are so '50s kitch!

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  10. This is most definitely on my MUST FIND list! I just love it.

  11. Oh ANA!!
    Nice to me you!! I am Sherry!

    Such great finds!

  12. That is one cool dish!! I'm loving the graphics on it!! What a lucky find!