Monday, October 25, 2010

Evolution of a pie plate

Hello pyrex people! One of my favourite incarnations of agee pyrex is the humble pie plate. I currently have 15 of these pieces in various sizes and colours, so I thought I'd show you all the evolution of this wonderful creature!

First up we have the plain round pie dish in clear glass. Crown Crystal Glass, an associate company of Australian Glass Manufacturers, made these in the 1930's, as you can see in this newspaper ad from 1934.
A.G.M ad (the ad's right down the bottom of the page)

By the 1940's, A.G.M. were making coloured versions of these pie plates, like the yellow one above. Both clear and coloured glass were sold as Agee Pyrex, here's a picture of the backstamp.
Sorry it's so blurry - it was hard to get a good shot! I love how the text is backwards. I guess for the clear dishes the text was the right way round when viewed from inside the dish :o)

At some stage A.G.M started making pie dishes in a really cute fluted shape.
Here is one in clear glass, and one with fired-on orange colour around the outside.

The next step for the pie plate was the move into white glass.

It still has an agee backstamp, although the text has now flipped so you can read it from the bottom.

In 1972 Crown Crystal Glass merged with the Australian subsidiary of the Corning Glass Works of USA to form Crown Corning Limited. I think that it is about this time that the backstamp changed to a crown like this:-

Although the company's name and stamp changed, many of the pieces seem to have remained the same. Here's a side-by-side comparison of 2 pie plates, one stamped agee and one with the crown.

Identical except for the backstamp! Although I'm mainly a collector of agee, I won't pass up a piece of crown if it's in great condition or a lovely colour.

Finally, here's my entire collection of white glass pie plates.
So far I've found 3 different sizes and 6 different colours, but I'm sure there are more out there!


  1. How nice! Thanks for sharing you Agee Pyrex pie plates. We don't know much about the Agee pieces so it's always nice to learn more! :)

  2. Great collection- and thanks for the background information! I learned something new for sure!

  3. yes, thanks for sharing the knowledge!
    was agee made only in australia?

  4. Wow what a cool collection! I love the colors and shapes. I didn't know anything about them so this was a great post for me to learn something. Agee was only made in Australia?

  5. That's a very nice collection! I'd never heard of Agee Pyrex before I joined this blog, but it sure is beautiful!

  6. Thanks so much for your post ~ I learned a lot!

  7. Your pie plates look yummy, even empty!

  8. Wonderful post. Can you tell me where I could find some? Elma