Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Carafes for Chemists

Hello Everyone! I've been busy blogging about my trip to Greece at SixBalloons but wanted to take a little break to write an update on a carafe that I previously posted about on my site.

Since seeing the Chemex Coffee Carafes for the first time, they've always been on my secret please-please-please wishlist when I'm out shopping. Lo and behold on one of my trips to the thrift, I found a carafe with beautiful lines, in the shape of an Erlenmeyer flask. Upon further inspection, I found the distinctive green Pyrex glassware stamp on its collar and scooped it up for two dollars.

A fellow from a local music production label contacted me about purchasing the piece for a chemistry-themed photo shoot for their new website. The photo below is from their new site and I think it's pretty creative. Isn't it neat how many different ways Vintage Pyrex can be used? =)


  1. Wow, this is really neat! Pyrex is truly versatile!

  2. That is an awesome carafe! I love the lab Pyrex in the "science" photo shoot, but it made me smile to see what looks like a wine caddy on the right side and a candle holder left of center. :)