Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have been having a ton of Pyrex luck lately. I picked up this Butterprint 1 1/2 quart bowl at a flea market today for $1!! Then I won a Friendship lasagna pan on ebay for a pretty good price! Actually, a really good price considering I have seen a few go for around $40 and I paid less than $13 :):) Can't believe I'm finally getting a lasagna pan, although I still want a Spring Blossom one and a Butterfly Gold one, too! Once it arrives, I will definitely be making some Creamy Chicken Lasagna in it - my specialty :)

My aunt found me these 3 pieces and gave them to me as an early birthday gift - yes, I have everyone on the hunt for Pyrex for me now!!! :)


  1. You have been having a lot of Pyrex luck lately!! Isn't it fun when you have everyone looking for Pyrex for you?? :) I've been having some good luck too, and hope to post pictures of the Pyrex I found last weekend in South Carolina.

  2. Love the butterprint and OMG I don't think I knew there was a lasagna pan. Now I need one!!! :)What size is it so I can be on the hunt!!

  3. Oh OH OH OHHHhhhh the pink in the middle.