Friday, October 8, 2010

Terra Pamphlet

I really had fun reading the pamphlet that came with my unopened Terra casserole and I wanted to share it with you!

                                   All the pieces of the collection!

Useful, practical and beautiful? I want some!

Oooh tidbits on the patio? I'm coming over!

What delicaties lurk in those casseroles?

.                               Was a Luau a big dinner party theme in the 60's?
                                                                                                      Do I see poi?

                                                       See you later, Pyrex Lovers!


  1. Love this pamphlet! Thanks for sharing....gosh love the photos from the 60's. Poi is some nasty stuff.

  2. wow, you don't see this everyday! that distinctly greenish brownish orange colour of those photos is fantastic. thanks for sharing. and happy canadian thanksgiving!

  3. these are really growing on me... I really hadn't seen them before now. they are beautiful!!!

  4. "...these practical pieces could be enjoyed purely as decorative objects in your home..."

    If they only knew! (Well, maybe they did.)

    Also love the fact that in case of breakage, the piece can be replaced in exchange for the broken pieces. You don't see that anymore!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Six Balloons: Poi is an Hawaian food. It is made with taro root. I've never had it but it's pasty and people have a love hate relationship with it!

    You nearly had it right! to have the french version of pea you need to add an 's' pois. :)

  6. great scans valerie! thanks so much for sharing. i recently got a boxed terra with this insert but never got a chance to scan it - so glad you did!

    poi is a purple-grayish color so i don't think there's poi in the last photo.

    and notice the 2nd to last image - there is a terra 401, 403, and 404, but no 402. so i wonder if a 402 was ever made. there's been some discussion over at the PyrexLove Flickr but no one has been able to solve the mystery.

  7. Linda/Pyrex love: OMG I didn't even notice that the 402 is missing!

    Do you need the scans for the Pyrex Love site? Let me know and I'll send them along :)

  8. Oh a MYSTERY!! I love it.

    Your find is so amazing. I just love the scans. Thanks for sharing. I dig the kitsch. Crushing on it so much. I really loved being able to see you open a NEVER OPENED Pyrex box. I always wanted to know what it was like and what they would be like to open. I never would have been able to keep them in the box sealed. NEVER.

  9. wow, you hardly see those and when you do they are charging a fortune for the pamphlets alone. I've had poi and, hm. That was enough. Chalk me up on the hate side of love/hate

  10. Thanks for posting the scans of the Pamphlet. I saw one of those mugs at Goodwill this summer and passed on it, then thought better of it and went back, but it was gone. Still regret that.