Thursday, October 21, 2010

Garage Sale Finds (in October!!)

Hi There!!

This is my first post on the Collective here. I was so happy to find this blog, which has quickly become my favourite Pyrex site and the subject of my daily stalking. I'm thrilled to now be a part of it! Thanks Erin!!

I've been obsessed with collecting Pyrex since May of this year and the first two pieces I picked up were from garage sales. The first piece was a Spring Blossom 2 1/2 quart cinderella bowl that the seller gave me FREE. The second was a Daisy 1 1/2 quart cinderella bowl for $2 that same day.

This is how it all began!

So I've been hooked ever since...and not just on collecting Pyrex, but acquiring it at ridiculously low prices.
I agree with those who say the hunt is half the fun. My favourite place to find Pyrex is at garage sales, although I've bought it at Value Village, Goodwill, thrift stores and recently at an antique sale. I have acquired approximately 40 pieces to date. I also have a very good friend who is always on the lookout for me and has gifted me with some really great pieces.

I live in Calgary, AB Canada where the garage sales typically come to an end at the end of summer as the weather cools. I had consigned myself to the fact that I would have to look at thrift stores and GW over the fall and winter, and possibly visit antique stores in search of Pyrex until next spring when the sales start up again. However, as I was driving home from my son's hockey game last Sunday I stumbled across five garage sale signs and found some Pyrex at two of the sales!

I had to dig deep in a box for this divided dish (no lid), and I'm not quite sure of the pattern. I think it might be called Black Scroll?

On another table at the same sale I found this little lovely.

Both pieces were only $1 each!!

At another sale I found this red divided dish (again, no lid) for $3. I actually have this dish already with a Friendship lid (my fave pattern) but couldn't resist another base.

At the same sale I spotted this for $1

No lid? No problem! That friend I was talking about, well she gave me a 502 lid just the day before!!

I think they will be VERY happy together. And I'm very happy with my $6 finds :).

Thanks for checking it out, happy Pyrexing!!


  1. Welcome! I love the prices you are finding, and that turquoise utility dish is fab!

  2. Wow, you did really well. Those are wonderful pieces.

  3. i agree, great finds for so late in the garage sale season (i'm a fellow canadian, the season doesn't last long huh! :) )...

  4. Great finds- but the prices are even greater! What a steal!

  5. Oooh, I really like that color combo you have going on there!

  6. Wow Oh Wow! I cannot believe you found so much Pyrex at such amazing low prices. So glad you joined us and shared your fabulous Pyrex!!

  7. I LOVE this post Steph!! I'm so excited you shared this blog with me....I'm addicted to it and everyone's amazing Pyrex posts. I'm so happy that I am "that friend". heehee.

  8. Sweet stuff! What a great day you had!

  9. What great finds!! I love finding Pyrex at really low prices too, but down here in the South, it seem to be getting harder to do so. I found a couple Pyrex pieces last week at the local GW's, just haven't had time to post them yet. Welcome to the collective and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your thrifty finds!