Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Blinding You With Science


I know this isn't a wowee-zowee kinda post, but I couldn't help but falling in love with this little Pyrex boiling flask. I got it at Value Village at Vic Park and Eglinton in Toronto today for a lousy toonie. It was made in Canada and it has $24/40 stamped on it. Talk about proletariat Pyrex! My little collection of scientific equipment is chugging along nicely.


  1. Everytime someone finds some Pyrex it's a wovie-zowie moment. Let's savour all of life's pleasures whatever their size.

    If I had more than one of those super duper zowie get the defribrilator moments a year, I would probably be in a wheelchair, lol!

  2. I must say I like the scientific Pyrex but haven't seen any in my stores...yet! One must stay positive!!

  3. Let's hear it for SCIENCE!
    Pyrex looks good in any department.

  4. This is really a fun piece! I'd love to be able to thrift something so unique. Another item to keep on my radar!

  5. That is a cool flask! Now I'm going to have Thomas Dolby in my head when I go to bed. :)