Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pyrex I did not buy

I left this bowl behind. I did not want to pay $7.00 for it. I really do not like that color green. I do have some bowls in this color. I just swore to not buy anything right now unless I really love it.

I walked away and didn't feel bad. Maybe that's cause I found this right next to it for .99 cents. How is this bowl 6.99 and the yellow which is WAY larger only .99 cents? Its from the stacking set.
I left this at the store. I am not sure what pattern this is? I never find tops and I leave it. I kinda feel bad and regret leaving it. I have to drive by tomorrow. Maybe if it still is calling me. I will stop in. I don't even have a square dish yet. I was looking on Pyrex Love for the pattern but there is 3 listed that kinda look like this. Its fully square.
I have been seeing you posting these. I do not collect these. I see them all the time here. The one above there was nothing wrong with it. I think it was $5.00.
This one is missing the small black stopper on the bottom. See it's gone. Also there is a tiny chip at the top of the pitcher on the glass. Eek.

Great Now I am checking out clear Pyrex.
I have to stick to my no buying unless in love rule.
I did bring this home!


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  2. Hey nice snaps!

    The lid you left behind goes with the Golden Pine spacesaver - I would pick it up for $2 :)

  3. I agree with Linda. Go back and get that lid. If you don't want it I'm sure you could easily trade it for something you do want.

  4. I should go back and get the lid. It would have been hard for me to pass up the green bowl. It's very hard for me to pass any Pyrex up.

  5. I already have that bowl...I think I paid about that much for it, too! I so rarely find Pyrex bowls around these parts, I do what I can...

  6. I love this post of what you *didn't* buy! Clever! I'm working on leaving what I don't love at the thrift stores too.

    How do people swap/trade? I've seen it mentioned a few times but didn't find anything online. Maybe you need to know other Pyrex collectors IRL?

  7. I WENT back and got the lid! It was still there!

    I would love to trade with anyone here. Maybe we should try I have done swaps there no problems. It very easy to do there too. We can make it a public swap or a private one the choice is ours.

    I pass up so many Pyrex cause I am trying to buy a home at the moment. I live in South Florida and I have several stores that always have Pyrex. I will take photos of the ones I pass up and if any of you want it, let me know I will go back and get it for you and you just pay for it and shipping afterwards. No problem for me. I am at the post office all the time sending out my crafty handmades i sell in Etsy.

    I find that green color all the time. i think that is why I am just over it. And my heart screams BRIGHT COLORFUL. I still get excited seeing it. OH YES> Every bit and I have to talk myself out of buying it. For god sakes its PYREX! Its not easy to talk a pyrex lover out of Pyrex. I am sure you all know this. WORSE when its YOU! haha

  8. The yellow bowl was a steel at 99 cents. GREAT find!!