Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My lil Treasures

My name is Amy and I am proud to be apart of The Pyrex Collective.

What do I do when the kids are in school? I go junking!!! Here are my 3 lil finds from yesterday.

Fire King (1PT), dainty, wheat, casserole dish with lid for $2.

Then I found the pretty, orange, wheat Pyrex (# 472-B 750 mi) for $1. I believe I have an extra lid for it too.

An sometimes I even hit the junk shops twice in one day (wut?!?). This pretty fridge dish w/ yellow flower (501 B 1 1/2c) $.75.

Hoss (my 7y/o) was looking at these this morning and he asked me if he could start collecting Pyrex too.


  1. Wonderful Amy! Do you have photos? WE love photos!!!

  2. Yeah, sorry - the pic is there (now) lol.

  3. Darling little treasures indeed!

    If your 7YO is interested now then you are lucky ~ hopefully your treasures will have someone who wants them if you ever break up housekeeping.

  4. That is really sweet!

    It also means that you can drag your kid to thrifts and fleas! Super COOL!

    Better to start them young :)

  5. He has actually found a couple of my pieces while he has been out junking with Hubs. 1 of my favorite of his finds is a pink daisy oval casserole.
    Of course, he isnt exactly quiet when he does find them...we've had to talk to him about this. A few times, he points and says (loudly) PYREX!

  6. That's cute! But tell him to keep it down. Haha. Wouldn't want any other Pyrex scavengers coming over to see what the fuss was about!

  7. he wants to collect pyrex?! ah a child from my own heart! haha
    and your finds... for a few bucks! that makes me totally jealous!

  8. Thats what we have told him 'other people collect, shh'.
    He wants to go tonight. Waiting on Hubs to get home so he can watch the lil one.

  9. Nice finds!! My 7 yr. old granddaughter helps me find Pyrex too. She keeps asking, "how many more bowls do you need Grammy?" LOL

  10. I do love Fire King too. Certain patterns make me crazy. Just 2 weeks ago I found 2 Jadeite swirl bowls. I paid 10 bucks for them together. Eeek Love your finds!!