Monday, October 4, 2010

Room for 'Shrooms

It's great to see so much wonderful Pyrex here lately!  I feel like I'm a little behind, both in reading entries and posting about recent Pyrex-ploits, so this is a bit of a catch up.

Saw this set of casserole dishes with matching lids at a thrift store a couple weeks ago.  I was trying to not buy for a while because I am running short on room to put the ever-expanding collection, but I couldn't pass these up for $6 for the set.

I stopped over at my sister's house recently and was telling her about the above.  Her fiance motion me over to the kitchen cupboard where he had an entire matching set of bowls!  I had my camera along, so I snapped a pic.  

He'd bought them at a rummage sale, I think he said, for a couple bucks total.

My sister has started off her Pyrex collection with these Butterprint bowls that she found at an antique shop while on vacation in northern Wisconsin recently.  She called me from the shop to see if she should buy them for me, and I said, "Sure."  Well, she had fallen in love with them by the time she returned home, so she decided to keep them.  Fine by me!  Look at all that room on her shelf.  I think she's got space for a whole lot more, don't you?

On Saturday, I found this baking dish at a Savers store.  It's the dirtiest thing I've ever bought, but it looked like under all that baked on greasy grime, there was a decent finish.  

Here it is in the sink after a good soak and concerted effort with a Magic Eraser.  Not much happening to loosen the gunk.

Yesterday, I bought some Bar Keeper's Friend and gave that a go.  It took a lot of time, patience, elbow grease, and a bunch of toothpicks, but it finally came pretty clean.  

Does anyone know anything about the name or approximate age of this piece?  I just love that vintage looking greenish-blue color.  

Last, but not least, this small casserole was a dollar at the same thrift store the 'shroom set came from.  Haven't had time to research the name of the pattern.  

Now I really must find more storage space!


  1. Lovely finds!! did you warn your sister about how quickly the pyrex addiction sets in? Great find for her first pieces. Love that your lovely blue piece scrubbed up so well :-)

  2. That is a great find! I'm pretty sure that the beautiful mystery piece is the Heinz promotional piece. I have read about it at jeni b's blog at

  3. Great post! The aqua dish looks fantastic! I'm sure its in a much happier home where it'll never get so grimmy again!

  4. As SixBalloons said, your dark green casserole is indeed the Heinz promotional from 1953. I love mine and use it all the time.

    Here is a scan of the 1953 ad in my Flickr:

  5. You found some great Pyrex! Love the casserole dish from 1953. Awesome!

  6. Hoo boy, that is a great ad! One day I will find this coveted piece! I love the colour!

  7. That bluey green dish looked pretty darned sexy by the time you had it all lathered and scrubbed.
    You're bringing Pyrex sexy back. LOL

  8. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much, SixBalloons and Linda, for the info on the mystery green piece. Now I'm really glad I rescued it and spent the time and effort bringing back its beauty.

    Erin, bringing Pyrex sexy back cracked me up!

  9. That dish cleaned up beautifully, what a find!

  10. Wow, I love the Heinz promotional piece! Congrats on all your finds!

  11. The last casserole is Woodland:

    I have a few pieces of it myself!

  12. Thanks, Grace! I also saw Jabacue mentioned his cups were Woodland, and the pattern seemed to match. I appreciate the link!