Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cuppa x 8

Picked these up this afternoon at the 'Sally Ann'.

They are listed as being 'Woodland' in my book on Pyrex by Barbara E. Mauzy.

They are very similar in style and 'feel' as the Fire King mug.

They are not as old as some Fire King. They are OK for the microwave and this is indicated on the bottom. Thus, they are 'youngsters'.

It is not a bad looking, intact set for just $3.50 ! Pretty good deal I thought.


  1. Totally rockin' the Woodlands pattern!

    And 8 too! Cool! Gotta go thrifting again! Maine here I come :)

  2. Love how you photographed the mugs! Great find!

  3. I'd say that's a great deal. I have one and probably paid 99c for it. Even though the name is woodland, I always get a tropical jungle feeling when I look at it.