Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pyrex and playdates: a confession...

Hey, y'all! I am Heather from over at June {Vintage} and I am super excited to be apart of The Pyrex Collective! And since I want to get to know everyone, I will start off my first post with a confession:

I plan playdates around the accessibility of thrift stores.

Let me elaborate: we live on the edge of a military base in a little vacation town...there are no thrift stores relatively near-by and they all require atleast a 45 minute drive. So, when my little man and I head into town to visit parks and preschool pals, mama is always looking to make sure she gets to look for her a little Pyrex. And because the average age in my county is 24 {seriously, 30-something is ancient around here!}, thrifted Pyrex is a rarity in these parts. But after planning a playdate in a new area in order to stop by a never-thrifted store, I found a mini-collection of precious Pyrex bowls:

From top to bottom: Woodland, Friendship, Spring Blossom, and Autumn Harvest

They are all the tiny size bowls {mostly 1.5 pts...}

I am most excited about the tiny Friendship Cinderella mixing bowl...While its paint has some flaws, the colors are perfect, the milk glass is pristine and white, and it is my first piece in this pattern...

And to be honest...I don't even remember how the playdate went...

Do you have a collector's confession to make? I can't wait to get to know all of you {your blogs, your collections!} better!



  1. WOW what a sweet collection! Love the Friendship bowl, I don't have a piece in that pattern yet. I plan chores around going to thrift stores!

  2. Welcome! How very lucky you were to find those our bowls all at once. i'd be jumping for joy at finding one! Off to check out your blog ....

  3. Lucky, lucky, lucky!! I love those little bowls, and I especially love the Friendship pattern. Welcome to the blog!

  4. That's how I plan on organizing my play dates, too.

  5. WOW those are some wonderful colors. SO perfect for this time of year. I LOVE them all.

    WOW, I'm JEALOUS! hehe

  6. Cute little bowls. I plan ALL my trips (well almost) around thrift store availability.