Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Island Thrifts

So I am back from the Big Island of Hawai'i and had a fantastic time! We went to a few thrift stores when we had some time away from the black sand beaches, swimming with honu (Pacific sea turtles), shopping, eating fresh tropical fruit and grilled fish... I had such a tough time coming back to the reality of going back to work!

We did find a few thrift stores and picked up a few things here and there, but on the Pyrex front, there wasn't too much to be found at thrift store prices. The store pictured above, Discovery Antiques and Ice Cream (yes, you read that correctly - antiques and ice cream. Only in Hawai'i! And the Tropical Dreams ice cream was delish!) had the most Pyrex we saw on our trip. The prices were reasonable for an antique store, at least for stores around LA metro area, with a nice selection of vintage Pyrex, vintage toys, pottery and ceramics.
I am immediately drawn to the Pyrex shelf every time I enter a store. All the colors and patterns look so good together!

Unfortunately, I didn't find any Pyrex that caught my eye. Okay, I did for a second consider the Golden Classic (with lid and cradle!) in the bottom right corner of the first photo, because how gorgeous is that golden pattern on the lid?!? And the gold on soft yellow is just wonderful. But common sense took over, and I knew there was no way I can ship it without worrying about it breaking into a thousand pieces. Would the TSA folks look at me like I'm crazy if I bring this as my carry-on? Ah well, I had to leave it at the shop. We did pick up a few non-Pyrex pieces to take home though, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Plus we got to browse the shop and have some ice cream too.

I had such a great time on the Big Island, we're definitely going back. Thrifting on vacation is so much fun! Whenever we go on vacation, we always check Google Maps to find thrifts/antique stores on the way and make time to stop by. You never know what you'll find. :)


  1. Looks like fun and love ice cream in a Antique Store!

  2. I like those hideous Sears mushroom jars, but my kitchen could never pull it off.

    Looks like a nice shop!

  3. To paraphrase Queen (the group, not her Royal Highness): I want it all and I want it now!

  4. @linda - yes, every antique store should serve ice cream! it was so unexpected yet a lovely treat :)

    @sir TAL - those mushroom jars are definitely kitschy :) yep, it was a very nice shop and I ended up getting a very nice pair of midcentury-mod S&P shakers!

    @erin - fantastic quote!

  5. I would have just HAD to buy something because it's from HAWAII. I would probably have peed myself over just the cradle, nevermind the dish. I don't care how I'd get it home. It would happen. And then it would forever serve hawaiian food (of course only takeout from the local hawaiian cafe. I can't make coconut shrimp like they can).

  6. Ice cream + antiques is pure genius! I have the Golden Classic with cradle that you photographed! My favorite piece so far. Gotta get around to posting it here on the collective!

  7. @Betty - now THAT is dedication. I am sending you good luck vibes for coming across a Golden Classic casserole in the very near future!

    @Alyssa - It really is a lovely piece! I look fwd to seeing your photos :)

  8. What an AMAZING post. I would have had a hard time leaving that pink bowl behind. and all them fridge dishes. I need to move stuff around to see if I would have bought anything else. haha I love a good Pyrex find like this. Hard to leave.VERY!