Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Finds

I really haven't been thrifting a lot lately. First, because of a lack of paycheck (boo!!!!) and secondly there just isn't a whole lot of time in my day. I finally received a paycheck this last week so I made my way to a few thrifts with the little bit of time I had. What did I find?


Last night at the Salvation Army, I found this orange baking dish. How perfect is this for Halloween? I want to go and buy a bunch of the mini pumpkins and gourds and make a centerpiece for my dining room table. I just love it!

I found these bowls on Thursday at the other Salvation Army. It is a set of Autumn Harvest mixing bowls. It is missing the largest bowl the 444.  This is the first time I have found a set together. I think I may move some things around on my china hutch and display them for fall.

And finally.....

I have found my first Pyrex coffee pot. It is missing the lid but it doesn't matter.
 I just love the starburst design.

IHappy Thrifting Everyone!


  1. Great finds! Really love your orange baking dish! Hoping I'll find some someday too! :)

  2. I adore that orange baking dish! It will look great with pumpkins and gourds in it! Nice set of mixing bowls also but I really like they Pyrex coffee pot.

  3. Great finds! I'm always hoping to come across some Autumn Harvest, I love that pattern :)

  4. Oooooh nice! Is that a 9x13"?

    I think I need one!

  5. Oh Yipee!! A set of three for you too! I love that oblong Pyrex! yumm!!

  6. I'm going to copy your idea of displaying the Autumn Harvest - great idea - I better go and get my small casseroles out for display!

  7. I have a few pieces of the Autumn Harvest, but not a complete set. They are perfect for displaying this time of the year! Love the orange baking dish!!

  8. Love the Harvest Cinderella bowl finds! How timely, too. And that orange baking pan is delish :D The glass coffee pot is so pretty and atomic-age.