Saturday, October 23, 2010

Newbie Collector here!

Hi all,

Thank you for letting me join the Pyrex collective. Happy to be here!

To tell you the truth, I never knew much about Pyrex, never really paid much thought to it, that is until I read the recent article in the paper. Well, then and there I was hooked! It's so retro-chic and affordable, how can you not love it? The only Pyrex I owned up to that point were two cranberry glass baking dishes. Nice and practical.

So I decided to check out the local Value Village and this was my first piece:

This Town and Country casserole is in good shape. I was thrilled with my first find. Then Hubby and I went to an antique mall, and while they had an amazing selection, the prices were a little hefty for my liking. I did acquire a few pieces anyway to get a bit of a start:

I then decided, after reading everybody's posts, that I would rather go for the thrill of the chase and look for the deals and bargains. Much more fun. Some people like to play golf, some people collect Pyrex!

Since then I've stopped at the local Value Village and Sally Ann at least once a week. My untrained eye almost missed this beautiful piece!

I have found a few other delicious pieces, but I'll save them for another post!

On a side note, I also collect vintage Barbies, her friends and their clothing up until about 1973. Something about that whole era appeals to me I guess!


  1. Wow, you found a Delphite cream and sugar set. Very nice. I'm jealous! You scored some great finds! Welcome to the Collective!

  2. Welcome! Just so you know this Pyrexamania is very addictive! I do love the thrill of the hunt and finding a good bargain. You have some lovely pieces. So glad you shared them with us!

  3. You're off to a great start! Nice finds!

  4. Hello!! My name is Sherry. Nice to meet you! Welcome and glad you caught Pyrexia. Love those pieces.

    I LOVEEEEE vintage Barbie too. I wish I could afford the vintage ones. I found a bubble cut blonde barbie in an antique mall just laying around all nekked and some what dirty 3 years ago. Since then, I have collected the reproduction ones that I adore the most. But I play with them. I also make their clothing. ALL retro from vintage patterns. I simple ADORE the Era too and wont go past 1970's either. I have scored a couple of vintage pieces for them to play with. Like the country living house and MOST of the furniture and the condition is AWESOME for vintage. And I have the Susy Goose Closet.

    Eeeeekk so excited to meet a Pyrex/Retro Barbie LOVER!!

  5. Anniescupboard, nice to hear there's another Barbie lover here. I don't spend a fortune, I try to find deals here and there on Ebay. I'm not adding too much now, just trying to complete outfits, that sort of thing. Now if they made Barbie pyrex, that would be our ultimate collector's dream! (She does have a little cornflower Corning ware set, have yet to get one!)

  6. Yes i did see that corning set! Eeekk that is a must get for me!
    If they made a Pyrex for them.. oh my! I think it's only fair to get my girls some.
    I keep my eye on eBay and barbie all the time! They just released
    The fashion barbie with the wigs oh my gosh! I never thought I would
    Get her! I wanted her for so long. I came close to buying a vintage green
    Eared one just to have her. Kinda glad I waited!

  7. For a person starting out, you've got some amazing pieces that long-time Pyrex addicts would lust after. Go girl!
    P.S. Welcome aboard the Pyrex Love Boat!

  8. Lovely collection already! Watch out - it's seriously addictive though ;-)

  9. Wonderful pieces!! What a great start!! This is a very, very addictive hobby!!