Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yes I bought Pyrex on my vacation!

I just can't help myself! I didn't have any START THE CAR!!! START THE CAR!!! Poop in my pants, call 911 moments like HERE! 

But I found some pieces I was missing.

2 darling fridgies. The one on the right waited for me like a big boy. I saw it on my first week of vacation but decided against bying it because the lid was broken...I dreamt of it at night! So I was thrilled to find it when I came back! 

5 Butterfly Gold napkin rings

I must say I had to have this one! I'm quite smitten with the Spring Blossom Green pattern lately...

So that's it for my Pyrex finds!


  1. Great finds! I buy the lids whenever I see them so that when I find a bottom with a chipped lid I can replace it. I'm slowly gathering that blue snowflake pattern in fridge dishes and mixing bowls. It is too cute!

  2. Nice little pieces! I've never seen any Pyrex napkin rings, but you can bet if I did, I'd snatch them up like crazy! The Pyrex gods haven't been smiling down on me lately :(, and I'm not very happy about it!! I'm beginning to think all the Pyrex in Tallahassee has dried up!!

  3. I'm so glad the blue and white fridgie waited for you like a big boy (hilarious!!!). What a trooper!

  4. Love your fridgies! Good little Pyrex!! Waited for you!! I am also falling very in love with the Spring Blossom Green pattern! hmmmm.....fight ya for it!!

  5. Great finds! I can never find refridgerator dishes - so jealous!

  6. I never seen NAPKINS RINGS BEFORE!!


  7. I've never seen napkin rings. And I buy the lids even if they are chipped because they are so hard to find.