Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Glee, set of three!

A set of 3 is hard to come by here thrifting. When it does happen I feel like I hit jackpot. I found the above set this past Friday. They also came with the lids.
This was the last set of 3 I found.
This was the very first set of 3 I found. Sets of 3 just make me so glee.


  1. Wow sets of three are amazing! You have great Pyrex karma to have found so many sets. I love the colors in the last one!!

  2. Amazing! I am jealous! I have the bowls, but not the casseroles. Shipping is so expensive on ebay, I have not bought them there. I love the butterfly gold so much!!

  3. What pretty sets! All in 3s, too :) How lucky.