Tuesday, October 26, 2010

how to know you have the perfect boyfriend...

...when part of your anniversary present is this:

we have been together for three amazing years, and i've always known he was a keeper. but when he walked up to my desk at work and handed me this book with a huge (look what good thing i did) smile on his face, i got goosebumps.

ladies (and gentlemen) i love this man!


taylor-made news


  1. I think my heart skipped a beat reading this. How romantic!

  2. oh my, hold on to that gentleman, for sure!!

  3. i like the part about him knowing what a good thing he did. hehe :) cool book! what's in there?

  4. Oh yes a true keeper! Now comes the real test...as you buying Pyrex and there's less and less room in the house...I know I'm there! I have Pyrex in the cupboards, in the basement in the garden shed...Hidden in my dad's place

    I need to negotiate and take deep breaths!

  5. Yes a true blue guy who knows his lady and keeps her happy! I want this book!

  6. He's definitely a keeper! My boyfriend just got me the same book for my birthday!

  7. i'm so glad i'm not the only one who thinks he's so great! haha
    i appreciate all the sweet comments. the book is AWESOME and i think everyone should buy it (or everyone's boyfriend/husband should buy it).
    after reading how much each piece is "worth" it makes me feel better about myself for only spending a fraction of the price!

  8. As the boyfriend, I thank you ladies for the kind words! And I'm no Pyrex slouch.. my grandmother and aunt have huge collectors, and Taylor has got me a little more into it! She's a keeper too!