Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I bought the green bowl!

I purchased that green bowl I said I didn't want. Remember?
It was still there. I have seen it 3 other times since I posted about it. Today was 50% off day at Salvation Army. The girl gave it to me for 75% off cause she was shocked how high the price was. I was shocked at the price too but for half off day I figured oh hay! I had double smiles when I heard my total. I smiled at her and she gave me this secret I got your back stare at me. Ok maybe not. But I took it that way. I paid $4.00 total and that included the blue fridgie!
This pretty was $2.00. Its a small one.
I found these 2 faded aqua bowls. Butterprint. $4.00 for both.
I found this small $4.00Pyrex pitcher. I also found the one below. I paid only $.99 cents for that one. It came with the lid and its bigger than the green.
Oh before I forget. I wanted to tell you of a place you may not be aware of to find Pyrex. I vendor at a couple of Indie craft shows during the year selling my handmades. At these Indie shows vintage can be found. Tons of it. Guess what else? PYREX! Can you spy them in the photo? They wanted $30.00 for that large yellow bowl. There are several vendors offering Pyrex and all of them have different prices. I personally never sold my Pyrex at these shows. I have sold Fire King no problem. But I keep my precious Pyrex!


  1. I love, love, love the faded bowls!!! (those are my dailies)

  2. Love the pitchers....have never seen them before. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Where do you live that you can trift like that! Great finds and decent prices. I especially love the blossom pitcher.

  4. Wonderful buys on your Pyrex! I love the pitchers!!

  5. I live in South Florida. The land of retirement in the 60's. lol My thrifty stores are good to me I tell you.

    Our flea markets and yardsales are not good at all around here. We do have a bunch of private thrifty stores besides G.W. and S.A. (goodwill and salvation army)

    Oh and church sales are AMAZING around here to go to.