Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello, all!

Sarah here, from Anonymous was a Woman!
I've really been enjoying your Pyrex posts and pics,
so I thought that I would say hi 
and post a few of my own.

I'll start with a bit about myself:
I am a twenty-something junior high English teacher,
a baker, a reader, a writer, a compulsive thrifter, a blogger, 
a lover of cats and all things vintage, 
and an avid Pyrex collector.
I bought my first piece in March of '09,
a Butterfly Gold butter dish,
and at last count, I had over 100 pieces
{for a comprehensive list, click here}.

I try to find most of my Pyrex in thrift stores, 
but buy some pieces online if I really have to have them.
I collect all patterns and colors
and I use my Pyrex pieces a lot.
Everything looks and tastes better in Pyrex, right?

I haven't been thrifting too much lately, 
because work has been crazy,
but I did stop by a favorite thrift on Wednesday and found:
An Autumn Harvest 442 for $1.50,
and a Butterfly Gold 503, with lid, for $3.99.
This is the first 503 that I have found "in the wild," so I was super excited.
Aren't these colors just perfect for fall?

These new finds inspired me to reorganize and rework my Ikea expedit.
I am very happy with the way that it turned out. 
I was able to incorporate many of my favorite Pyrex pieces
alongside my books and vintage Polaroid cameras.
Just looking at it makes me smile!

If you get a chance,
stop by my blog or Flickr and say hello.
I love "meeting" new people who are also Pyrex obsessed!

Happy Friday!



  1. Your book shelves look amazing! Like a magazine!

  2. Your Ikea display is perfection! I love Pyrex as art! Glad you joined the collective :)

  3. Sarah so nice to meet you! I love your Ikea display! What a good idea for Pyrex, books and other collectibles. You found some awesome deals there. I love my Pyrex but don't have nearly the amount you do! Awesome!!

  4. Great finds and great prices too! Love your Pyrex display! I've seen your Pyrex on Flickr and lusted after it many times, LOL! Welcome to the collective! Looking forward to seeing more of your Pyrex and other thrifty finds.

  5. So pretty! I'm inspired to do an inventory of my Pyrex, scary as that may be.

  6. I love Pyrex and I love Ikea. They both work well together. You have some beautiful pieces.

  7. You must be the coolest junior high english teacher ever! Love your collection and display on the Expedit. I have the same shelving unit in black and also display my pyrex on it, amongst other things, but it looks nowhere near as organized as yours!