Tuesday, December 7, 2010

shattering news!

I was reading the Jan. 2011 Consumer Reports at the library today and came across a huge spread on SUDDENLY SHATTERING PYREX!  A blog post about the article is available here...and, if you'd like, watch the video below:

My fave quote, "We also tested a decades-old Pyrex dish, in nearly new condition, made of borosilicate.  It did not break, even at five hundred degrees!"


  1. Just goes to show, they don't make 'em like they used to! Definitely a reason I don't have any glassware newer than the 70s, except for measuring cups as I haven't found old ones yet! :)

  2. They did a piece on this yesterday on Good Morning America...kinda scary!!
    Love the quote about the "decades-old Pyrex." Yet another reason why we all love the stuff!

  3. I watched the piece on Good Morning America yesterday. They did NOT make the distinction between old and new glassware. In fact they said that a spokesperson for Pyrex claimed that their glass composition hasn't changed in 60 years. They made is sound as though ALL glass bakeware was dangerous.

  4. I'm 45 y/o and can remember a few times through the years that our Pyrex casseroles exploded in the oven. If I remember right scalloped potatoes seemed to be the culprit a couple of times.:) I remember my mother telling me when I was about 7 or 8 that it was important that the Pyrex dishes not go into an oven over 375-400 max. Nothing like some good old fashioned homemade research. :) I'm sure if my mother were alive she'd laugh and say, "Good thinking, and did they really have to study that??"