Friday, December 10, 2010

pyrex sighting: starter for 10

i just finished watching the movie, starter for 10. i had never heard of the movie before. it is set in the 80's, and one scene where they were eating christmas dinner had copious amounts of pyrex. the snowflake pattern, and another i didn't recognize. it may have been "gourmet" or "blue barcode" but i couldn't quite tell. the movie was set in the UK so perhaps it was a pyrex england pattern? i have looked everywhere for a screen capture, but couldn't find one.

anyone seen it? i'd say it was a good movie, but that may just be the pyrex talking ;)

and here's something pretty to look at, since i have no related photos to share...

have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. I haven't seen this movie. Is Molly Ringwald in it? LOL. It sounds worth tracking down just for the Pyrex scenes.

  2. The book was wonderful--very funny and well written though I tend to appreciate the British writers more than others. I did not know it was made into a movie. Will be on the lookout for that one.

  3. erin~ it actually came out in 2006! i was surprised, they did the whole 80s thing very well.

    cariboocarol ~ and i'll be on the lookout for the book :)