Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Got Pyrex Too!

I'm drooling over the Pyrex Christmas booty below. Way to go! I thought I'd share the piece I got for Christmas because my 12-year-old niece knew I collected Pyrex, found this Friendship dish at a thrift store, recognized it as Pyrex and paid for it out of her own pocket. I don't have this piece, either. Good going, Eden.

P.S. My family is on board for tracking down Pyrex for me (either as a gift or to be reimbursed for later). Does anyone have any ideas on how to document one's Pyrex collection in a way that others could see what you have already and what you need? I was wondering about taking a few shots of the pieces I have and giving them to family members in one of those mini "bragging" photo albums you're supposed to use for baby pictures. I see the implications here. "Hmm, you don't have any pictures of your grandchild, but you've got a photo album filled with Pyrex pictures. You should talk to your daughter."

Chime in. To be honest, I sometimes forget what I've got - and my collection is fairly modest.


  1. A flickr account would be great for documenting and sharing.

    There's also a bunch of flickr groups about Pyrex you can join and share your pictures with.

  2. Love that Pyrex dish! I don't have a good way to figure out what I've got myself.

  3. Sweet piece of Pyrex and sweet niece! I wish I had a better way of documenting my Pyrex collection besides just photographing them. I think one of the collective members (JenB?) mentioned that she uses an Excel spreadsheet to keep up with hers. I might trying doing that because it seems it would be easier to carry around and refer to rather than photos.

  4. I think that was me who mentioned an Excel spreadsheet! Boyfriend is an Excel whiz; me, not so much. He made an Excel sheet with not only all the important info like item numbers, colors, and photos, but he even put in a little 'notes' section in case say, the lid that came with a piece has a chip and we might happen upon a pristine replacement one day...

    It's REALLY nerdy, but I carry it around in my purse with me at all times...and it's actually come in very handy more times than I thought. You could probably make a public Google document in a similar fashion and send all your Pyrex hunters the link to it?

    Maybe I should just do a whole post on the subject, I feel like I could keep rambling! :)

  5. i printed the patterns from the pyrex files and gave to my mom to reference since she brings me 99% of mine. i now have a lot of pieces and she can't remember what she has brought me either, so i am gonna have to come up with something new and easy for her to use.

  6. Along the lines of Victory Garden Yarn, I would recommend creating a Google document, if you're on Gmail. I use them at work, and everyone can access it, make changes if needed and save, and it's a great resource for multiple people to view an information set, including images. And of course you can print it out and keep it in your purse!

    PS: Friendship is my favorite- great piece!
    Happy New Year,

  7. Doesn't Pyrex make a nice gift?? We're not hard to buy for - a used Pyrex dish will do any day!!! Friendship pieces are fabulous!!