Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Box 'O Pyrex Lovin'

Christmas came early yesterday when the ever-so-awesome Lucky Thrifter came to my humble abode, like Oprah sneaking up on some unsuspecting mom. No, she didn't give me a new car, or a day at the spa with Gail or whatever the heck. Even better, she gave me all of her Pyrex cast-offs for $20.00. Apparently, hubby wasn't thrilled that the Pyrex had taken over the house, so she cherry picked her faves and gave me the overflow. I'm happy to fan the flames of desire and help keep homes happy. Just back up the truck and give me lot's of Pyrex. Please.

There was a bit of everything in the box, including mugs, English Pyrex, and some pieces from the OTHER manufactures of pretty bakeware.
As I always like to say: A family that packs with Corona boxes always stays together.
I now have three of these guys, but who's counting?

Does it get any sunnier? I've got love in my hand.
I feel like I have this baby, but I really don't think I do. So much for my exhaustive inventory from a few months back.
I'm pretty sure I have the entire Forest Fancies (or Shrooms as I like to call them) collection now. I'm planning on turning into a seventies housewife this summer and make lot's of seventies dishes with my Shrooms.
Blurry shot of English Pyrex. Quite pretty and fitting for the season.

Thanks Lucky Thrifter. Now I'm the lucky one!


  1. So happy you like them and that they've gone to a loving home! :)

  2. What a wonderful way to pass on extra Pyrex! Great pieces.