Monday, July 18, 2011

Pyr-ethical Dilemma

i'd like to get some feedback from my fellow pyrex enthusiasts....

i was at a thrift store this afternoon and saw four pyrex bowls. three were the 441, 442 and 444 of the forest fancies and one was a 442 of colonial mist. i already have a complete set of colonial mist in the 401-404 series and i have the 441 and 442 forest fancies, so i didn't get any of them. (i actually couldn't recall if my forest fancies were reg. bowls or cinderella so i didn't get the 444, but i'm hoping it will still be there in the morning).

after that store, i checked out two more and got lucky with both a 404 and 403 pineapple (i have a 401 already), 444 yellow black gooseberry (to go with my 442) and a 404 primary/yellow to complete a set for a friend. i also found a pink daisy oval casserole! i already have one of those, but i just couldn't leave now i have two

so this is my two part question. 1) if you already have a COMPLETE set of a pattern in either the 400 series or the 440 series, do you buy more bowls in the OTHER shape? and then the next question is 2) if you already have a piece and you see it again, do you buy a second one?

i don't know about the rest of you, but my collection has grown so much and so quickly, that it makes the decisions to these questions challenging. now, of course i'm not talking about elusive items like orange butterprint, stripes or dots, but for the others?

your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

leslie :)


  1. Well, i think you have to be more rational if you are a fan of collection or you will find you are collecting quite a lot useless items or you are collecting sth. repetitively. So please do be rational. Greetings from China and welcome to visit my blog and leave your own ideas about my blog.

  2. I have a problem with doubling up on things... specially pyrex! I've tried to create the ideal of not doubling up on thing unless:
    1) the piece has a super special meaning to you
    2) the new piece is in better condition than your original (at which then you sell / donate the worse of the two)
    3) I'm thinking of giving one to a loved one / friend!

    Good luck!

    Peace, Love and Puppies,
    Raised By Wolves

  3. I agree that unless it's a special piece I don't buy a duplicate unless
    I might want to try to trade. I have some Butterprint I'm hoping to trade. I think the Pink Daisy would be easy to trade for something else you want. Keep that in mind. Otherwise I have gotten so I only buy pieces I want so I'm not spending money I don't need too and buying more then I can enjoy and store.

  4. In the beginning I was buying pieces and patterns with no system. Now I have narrowed down:
    a) which patterns I like
    b) which pieces (regardless of pattern) I don't have
    c)what my budget is, and how much I'm prepared to spend

    If it was butterprint, friendship, or anything pink or black, I would buy it even if I had one already. I'll pay more per piece for these. If its any other pattern I have to consider my budget and whether I need that size/shape. I love the divided casseroles, and would buy more if I found any in a pattern I don't already have. I'm always on the lookout for LIDS, which I'll pay up to $2 for, and today I got 2 small casseroles with lids for $1.50 each! The dishes aren't a pattern I collect, and one has been stripped entirely of its pattern, but I got the lids LOL!!

  5. thanks for all the feedback. its just so hard to see a piece and leave it behind. i'm sure you all know that feeling of walking thru a thrift store (do they ALL have that "unique" smell to them?) and spotting something pyrex on a shelf when you're still 20 feet away. you get up close and you realize that the piece is very badly damaged or that you already have it in your collection. or worse, you can't recall if you have it!! i think my problem is that i really love all the patterned/colored pieces and i'm having a difficult time discriminating. of course price and condition are strong influences...well, i guess i'm now officially ready to do some trading as i feel like i have some worthy doubles.

    anyone in the sf bay area? wanna make some plans to meet up and do some trading?

    ...and sandra, i totally know what you mean about the lids. that's completely separate search! :)

  6. When I first started collecting Pyrex, I would buy any and every thing! I have a few duplicates, mostly in the 401 size. I am trying now to complete some of my sets but that is proving rather hard to do because I don't want to spend an arm and a leg for certain items, and finding Pyrex around here is very hit and miss. So, if I see something I don't have, I'll usually buy it if it's in fairly good condition. It's really hard for me though to leave any Pyrex behind!!

  7. I am buying everything i see, unless its just outrageously priced, then I either sell to make profit or I trade with my mom, mother in-law, or friends.

  8. i wish i knew other people in my area who collected and would be interested in meeting up/trading.... :)

    anyone in the sf bay area? i've got lots of cute stuff to trade!!!